My 5 favourite Sarah Michelle Gellar characters and why…

4. Bridget Kelly/Siobhan Martin, Ringer

I can’t actually explain how much I am loving these characters. She is playing them so well!!!

Ringer is my new favourite show, my mum has recorded the pilot and Im gonna watch it 1,000 times all over again just because it’s so good. Yeah the proceding 2 episodes were better but still, it was pretty good.

I have to say that Im liking Bridget better, due to the fact that she has had more screen-time and I’m totally shipping Bridget and Andrew, (Ohmigod, new OTP alert) but Siobhan is turning out to be extreme-o-bitch and I really like that because Sarah is so good at playing the bitch (Cruel Intentions anyone…) and I really wanna see how that goes.


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